Akshay Will...

Reduce healthcare costs

The first step on the road to universal healthcare is reducing healthcare costs – without increasing your taxes or premiums. How? Get rid of arcane CON laws that keep hospital monopolies intact and prevent new hospitals from setting up shop. Create a healthcare marketplace that give you, the consumer, access to procedural costs.

Fight for teachers

3 R’s – Respect, Recognize, Reward. We need to pay them the salaries they deserve so they can focus on our children instead of trying to make ends meet.

Innovate to reduce traffic

50% of traffic issues stem from non-infrastructure related causes. Our roads need to improve, but we also need to think out of the box! Implementing smart grids that predict traffic congestion and ease flow will be a step toward making roads safer, emitting less carbon, and reducing your commute time.

Address mental health and addiction issues

In Virginia, four people commit suicide every day and another four overdose on drugs. We need to make sure we get addicts help, not lock them up. They’re sick, not criminals. Each time a teen commits suicide, we have failed collectively. Let’s increase access to mental health services so that parents don’t need to see their children die before them.

Standby the women of Virginia

Virginia let’s be on the right side of history. We can be the last state needed to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. Safeguarding women’s health and reproductive rights are paramount in preserving personal liberty and autonomy.

Keep your kids safe

It’s a public health crisis – pure and simple. If you need a license to operate a motor vehicle, it’s common sense that you should have some sort of license to own a weapon. Background checks can keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill. Gun safety training can help prevent accidents with responsible gun owners.