Sally is a high school senior who understands that addiction and mental health issues are not being adequately addressed. Our message is resonating with the youth of the state. 

Welcome to the team Sally! Glad to have a bright and passionate woman like you on board. 

Meet Sally Farag


My take on toll and traffic in Northern Virginia. Vote for a candidate who’ll work for you not the builders and developers.

Traffic and Tolls 


Meeting your idol is always surreal. It was all the more memorable as it happened at an International Women’s Day event. Thank you so much Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton for your words of encouragement!

Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton


Had a long and productive chat with Kristen Umstattd, Leesburg on Sunday evening. We talked about important issues like transportation (yes, toll roads too), zoning laws, schools, mental health initiatives, and addiction, and brainstormed innovative solutions to tackle them.

"In a field of excellent candidates, Akshay has demonstrated a commitment to issues that matter to the people of his district". - Kristen Umstattd, Loudoun County Board of Supervisors

Kristen Umstattd


Had an amazing event! Felt like all of Ashburn was there. We tried to fit in as many as we could in the picture. Thank you everyone for coming with your families and taking time from your Saturday evening.

Meet 'n Greet @ Ashburn


We need change, we need a fresh perspective, we need Akshay.



Check out my mother's day address. Thanks to the Ujwala foundation for hosting me at their event. Happy #mothersday!

Happy Mother's Day!


My argument on rezoning and approval of thousands of homes in Loudoun.

Rezoning Land


See a snippet of my response to the question on Loudoun County Schools at the debate organized by Loudoun County Democrats in Leesburg

Loudoun County Schools


Another one from the debate organized by Loudoun County Democrats in Leesburg

Criminal Justice System


Had a great session with our youth volunteers over the weekend. It's important now more than ever that we reach out to the next generation of leaders and promote community engagement from a young age.

Youth Volunteers