Akshay has a diverse repertoire as a leader, a mentor, and an advocate. He has been a Johns Hopkins student senator, hospital volunteer, and published cancer researcher.


In his tenure as a Johns Hopkins student senator, Akshay has led efforts that improve mental health on campus, campaigned to increase voter turnout in the 2018 general election, and implemented public health initiatives. 


As a scientist, Akshay has explored many factors, from the biological to the socioeconomic, that influence health. He constantly thinks about ways he can make the lives of those who suffer, better. Akshay understands that to improve healthcare, one must adopt a holistic view. He believes that building ties between social institutions like Churches and community centers, and hospitals can improve overall health outcomes – especially for disadvantaged members of society.​

Akshay is deeply committed to serving his community. As a hospital volunteer, he works with people who are often at their most vulnerable. From simple tasks like finding a Buzz Lightyear for a pediatric cancer patient to tackling the complex ethical issue regarding custody rights of a comatose individual, he has always stood by his patients, listened to their stories, and shared their pain and joy.  

Last year Akshay was selected to represent Hopkins in an honors program at the University of Oxford. While abroad, he was able to intimately understand the benefits and pitfalls of a single-payer healthcare system. He knows firsthand the importance of scientific achievement in healthcare. However, as a scientist, Akshay feels a real futility in his efforts if the medical advances he helps make can’t reach the people who need them most. Akshay believes that no Virginian should be without healthcare.


Akshay wants his candidature for the House of Delegates to inspire and energize a new demographic of young voters that typically do not exercise their franchise. He believes that by running and mobilizing the young voters during his campaign to actively participate, he will further the cause our founding fathers so valiantly fought to achieve - a functioning, vibrant, and representative democracy.